performances by project z

raging torrent
isolated light
separated gestures
augusta ’s ankle
mud bug

from the album project z

all songs written by project z
©2000 project z music, bmi / nervous elf music, bmi

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performances by bhakti

rescue ship (reece / holmes)

from bhakti too

performances by slang

little bird (featuring lori carson) (carson / martine / mcfadden / pimsler)
dirtwater telegraph (martine / schools)
field guide to snapping (martine / schools)
third ear (hurley / martine / schools / sweeney)

from the album the bellwether project 

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performances by spunhuny

after the flood (may)
do you think? (may)
goodbye, goodbye
come lie low (hurlburt)
flesh on christmas eve (hurlburt/sumrell)

from the album spunhuny
additional unreleased spunhuny material includes:

samson & delilah (traditional)
sense of dread (hurlburt)
mental structure (lawson / sumrell)
the rain ghosts found their space (hurlburt/lawson/may/sumrell)
feb 11 (i feel like i’ve been reborn) (hurlburt/lawson/may/sumrell)
deeper (hurlburt/lawson/may/sumrell)

all spunhuny material ©2004, mutant girl music