executive producer: steven r. hurlburt
directed by: steven r. hurlburt and flournoy holmes
first camera and film editor: fletcher holmes
additional camera: flournoy and srh
soundtrack design: srh and fletch

original soundtrack music: spunhuny

soundtrack engineer: jerry sumrell

additional music provided by:
project z

principal dreaddie kids:
"drunk and high" dave
little ashley tree

"third floor rapunzel" copyright 2003 by roz chast

"star machine" and "birdsong" copyright 2002 ashley minozzi

"dead summertime 2003" copyright 2003 david stepp

bob marley photo by scott dalgren

quote from "skeleton key" used by permission of the authors

footage from "jah lives" courtesy human studies film archives,
smithsonian institution and caribbean institute of media and communication,
university of the west indies

footage from "succubus" courtesy
fletcher holmes and amy rance

film transfer by cinepost, atlanta