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Steve Hurlburt and Flournoy Holmes awarded Best Stoner DVD at 2006 High Times Stony Awards

Steve and Dave

Director Steve Hurlburt, along with cast/character "Drunk & High Dave" accept the award.


"Seriously hip, alive and vibrant, ultra-real, edgy. This is an inventive, fearless trip."
--Paul Evans, co-author The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

"Morbid curiosity or promised enlightenment, this modern-day approach to jamband hygiene is both funny and entertaining even though the tie-dyed followers onscreen look as if they'd walked underneath a dysentery cow en route to the psycho ward. Smart enough to supplement bad taste with good-natured Q&A, Atlanta filmmakers Steven Hurlburt and Flournoy Homes pull no punches covering metaphysics, head lice and family ties. Though not the least bit interested in Phish, ganja or hair sculpting, I couldn't take my eyes off it.
--David T. Lindsay, Stomp & Stammer (October 2005)



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Steven R. Hurlburt and Flournoy Holmes journeyed through America to discover the underground movement supporting the jam band scene of the early 00's. The Grateful Dead had splintered into various guises after the death of spirtual leader Jerry Garcia - still maintaining an active position in the scene but without the overwhelming attraction that saw the Dead as one of the most consistent and profitable live acts around. The scene had sprouted other successful acts such as Phish, Widespread Panic, The String Cheese Incident, and others.

This movie chronicles the voyage that Hurlburt and Holmes took, and the results are amusing, though-provoking, and sometimes ludicrous.

Joining them are noted academics and first-hand participants in the Jam Band Scene such as Bob Weir, Jimmy Herring, Wavy Gravy, Dave Schools and John Bell.